Thursday, February 19, 2009


Crazy dream that I had last night.

It is the night (or maybe two nights) before the wedding.
The dream takes place in a structure (as most of my dreams do).
The structure this time is a huge house that my dad has just bought,
for some reason me, and my whole family (including much of my extended family)
live together in this house. The house isnt really one house, but two, with the second house
as kind of an extension of the first, but just as big. I think the second house served to house
the extended family. My uncle, the one that has never visited me, shows up at the house along with my aunt (his sister), much to my surprise. We have an emotional moment with (hugging? crying?). The whole dream seems much more detailed and real than most of my dreams.
Now heres the weird part: I have a somewhat reunion with an old friend from a place that I lived long ago. This person (a guy) now has longer hair. He asks me if I notice anything different about him. I venture a guess which ended up being incorrect. He eventually tells me that he had a sex change and is now a girl (although doesnt say it literally, more of a metaphor (can't remember exact wording)). I got the feeling that he/she was trying to proposition me (I was not interested, but merely intrigued by the whole situation). The rest of the dream involved smoking with friends in a tree house.

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